13 Signs Natal Chart

Unveil Your Cosmic Blueprint With My Empowering Natal Chart Services

šŸŒŒ Discover Your True Self: My comprehensive 24-page natal chart decodes the most accurate celestial placements at your birth, revealing the depths of your authentic self.

šŸŒŸ Embrace Your Galactic Signature: Connect with ancient Mayan wisdom through your unique Mayan Galactic Signature, unlocking hidden insights and guiding forces.

šŸŖ Real-Time Celestial Wisdom: Experience the magic of the sky in real-time when you entered this world, understanding the energies shaping your destiny.

šŸ’« Awaken the Seeker Within: If you're here to contribute to the consciousness shift, our readings are tailored for seekers like you.

šŸŒ Align with True Earth Matrix: Discover your role in the grand tapestry of existence, aligning with the true Earth matrix for profound transformation.

šŸŽ† Embrace Your Destiny: Embody your authentic self, fulfill your soul's purpose, and confidently embark on your transformative life journey.

Uncover the cosmic mysteries that shape your very being. Embrace transformation and fulfill your true destiny with our empowering Natal Chart Services. Let the stars illuminate your path to a purposeful and enlightened life. šŸŒ 

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Tarot Readings

šŸŒŒ Embrace Ancient Wisdom: Step into a realm of profound insights and higher truths with Tarot Services, crafted by an ancient soul reborn. I was gifted this lifetime with psychic Mediumship from a tender age and blessed with ancestral roots in indigenous shamanism and Moorish sciences. I blend the wisdom bound in my DNA from Lemuria, Atlantis, and Sufi mysticism in my interpretations.

šŸ”® Unveil Your Empowered Self
šŸŒ Tap into Ancient Mysteries
šŸŽ† Realize Your True Potential

šŸ•Šļø A Gifted Medium: I carry the lineage of Sufi mystics and channel the profound guidance of the spiritual realm, to illuminate your path with divine messages. Experience transformative readings that empower you to embrace your destiny, aligning you with your true purpose.

Align with your unique connection to higher realms as I lead you on a transformative journey to meet your empowered self. Step into a life of alignment and purpose. šŸ”®šŸŒ 

Written Readings

Written Reading: 1-4 Page Pdf Booklet Answers & Solutions

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45 Min Phone Readings

Phone Reading: 45 Mintues Voice Call
30 Minute Reading
15 Minute Intro & Ending
( *3$ a minute additional over 45 minutes charged separately )

After purchasing, book a time!

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Dream Interpretations

šŸŒ™ A Journey of Astral Wisdom: With over 10 years of experience in astral travel and dreamwork, I am your guide through the astral realm, offering unparalleled expertise in understanding your dreams.

šŸ”® Learn from the ancestors: Immerse yourself in the teachings of ancient shamans and seers as we delve into the depths of dream symbolism, drawing from the rich heritage of these wisdom keepers.

šŸ“˜ Embrace the Oral Tradition: My dream interpretation services are steeped in the sacred knowledge of the oral tradition of the mystery schools, where my dream work was honed to perfection.

šŸŒ  Personal Wisdom at Your Service: Gain from my intimate knowledge, cultivated through 15 years of working with my own dreams, unlocking insights that resonate with your unique journey.

šŸ•Šļø Unravel the Mysteries Within: Allow my dream interpretation service to reveal the hidden meanings behind your dreams, empowering you to tap into your subconscious and connect with your higher self.

Step into the enchanting world of dreams with my Dream Interpretation Service, guided by a seasoned expert. Draw from the teachings of ancient shamans, the wisdom of oral traditions, and my vast experience . Unveil the mysteries, decode the symbols, and ignite a deeper connection to your inner self. Let your dreams be a source of profound understanding and personal growth. 

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