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Step into a realm of profound insights and higher truths with Tarot Services, crafted by an ancient soul reborn. I blend the wisdom bound in my DNA to bring the most accurate and timely readings to your conscious mind. I am here to empower!

šŸ”® Unveil Your Empowered Self
šŸŒ Tap into The Hidden Truth Of A Situation
šŸŽ† Gain Clarity and Peace of Mind

Written Reading: 1-4 Page Pdf Booklet Answers & Solutions
Phone Reading: 45 Mintues Voice Call
30 Minute Reading
15 Minute Intro & Ending
( *3$ a minute additional over 45 minutes charged separately )
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Your comprehensive 24+page natal chart decodes the most accurate celestial placements at your birth as well as your Mayan Galactic signature, revealing the depths of your authentic self.
Step into the enchanting world of dreams with my Dream Interpretation Service. In your PDF reading document I draw from the teachings of ancient shamans, the wisdom of oral traditions, and my vast experience to bring insights and solutions decoded from your dream . Unveil the mysteries and ignite a deeper connection to your inner self. Let your dreams be a source of profound understanding and personal growth.