June 2024 Report Is In!

June 2024 Report Is In!

 Thank you for your patience as always! As you know natural astrology Is a unpopular but potent path of self knowledge and we are actively following the natural matrix as opposed to the artificial one.

I did not choose this path but it chose me , in my heart of hearts I know that following the natural matrix is the way to cultivate new earth in the realist sense, New Age circles will have you believe that ascension means escaping or leaving the matrix when in reality we chose to be here for this time to be fully present on Earth. 13, remember, is the number of unity .

By following natural time we are keeping the balance and being a bridge because those who actively follow Tropical astrology are unconsciously helping the artificial world speed up time . Did you notice how people are always looking to the next season rather than being present in the season that we are in ? When we are in winter they are speaking on how they can't wait for summer when we finally make it to summer they are speaking on how they can't wait for Halloween !

Remember , the first universal law is that of Mentalism. We live in a mind over matter universe. This is why the media is such an important aspect of the political landscape of the Western World. Whatever the collective decides on in their mind, is what Is created and experienced as a whole . This is why so much went into dismantling the movements of the 60s onward and the music that came out of that time . The music changed the way the collective decided on their own fate. We are entering a time where that energy can be revived in a new way, this is why we chose to be here and this is also why the Archonic forces are working hard to keep those of us who carry this knowledge truth and wisdom within us from sharing it . We dont have to believe we are here to save anyone, thats not the point of a lightworker. We are just here to imbue the knowing and intention for collective harmony and justice into everything we do. We just have to move with the principles of love, truth, peace , freedom, and justice with every step.

 I say this to to say thank you for your patience and overstanding that It truly is a labor of love and a battle of resilience and strength that has me continuing this work despite all odds and despite what I may say I will never give up!! It really brings me joy to be able to share these things with people to be able to put my art and sauce into it.

Stay tuned for personals coming out shortly !