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Taurus Sun Signs In The Zodiac: All About True Taurus!

Taurus Sun Signs In The Zodiac: All About True Taurus!

Taurus, often misunderstood and misidentified, holds a special place in the 13-sign astrology system. True Taurus dates span from May 14 to June 21, capturing a unique blend of adaptability, communication, duality, and diplomacy.

This article will explore the true nature of Taurus, explaining how some people who think they are Gemini may actually resonate more with Taurus Sun traits.

Marilyn Monroe, Born June 1 192, A True Taurus

The Taurus Dates: May 14 - June 21

Key Taurus Traits: Adaptability, sensuality, communication, duality, diplomacy, eloquence, curiosity, socializing, intellect, duplicity, multi-faceted, worry, symmetry, stubbornness, desire to have a good time, sluggishness.

Plant Allies: Mint, Thyme, Sage, Rose, Plantain, Nettles, Mugwort, Ginko, Rosemary,Ashwaganda, Burdock Root

Gifts: Resourcefulness, Beauty, Sex Appeal, Planning, Consistent energy, Fertility, Abundance, Successful long-term planning, Artistic rituals

Imbalances: Sore Throats, Tonsilitis, Ear Infections, Excess mucus in upper respitory system, overly cold/dry

Remedies: Warming, Stimulating activity, Detoxifying regularly, Whole Foods

The Misidentification: Many who think they are Gemini but are born between May 14th and June 21st are actually under the Taurus sign in the 13-sign zodiac.

Born May 16, True Taurus

True Taurus Energy:

Taurus, ruling from May 14 to June 21, embodies the earthy and grounded essence of stability and materialism. This sign is governed by Venus, the planet of beauty and love, which bestows Taurus individuals with an appreciation for aesthetics, sensuality, and harmony. Unlike the mutable and dual nature of Gemini, Taurus energy is steady, patient, and reliable, making them the steadfast rock in the zodiac. Taurus men have a charisma and "boss like" energy to them, they are steadfast in their goals and their community means a lot to them. They are spiritual warriors who are driven by a need to harmonize physical reality for their loved ones.

They are relentless and stubborn in their pursuits. Taurus women embody the graces and nature of Venusian energies. When they are aligned to their highest self, they are channeling directly from pleidian entities, drawing on high levels of creativity. All Taurus have beautiful voices, and notable tones of speech because Taurus rules the throat. They make great singers, speakers, creatives and leaders. They can see the true nature of people and things easily, and are either loved or hated for their incredible unshakable connection to truth, which they advocate for in their day to day , especially in later ages as they become more confident in themselves.

Key Characteristics of True Taurus:

Adaptability and Communication: Taurus individuals possess a unique ability to adapt and communicate effectively. They are natural diplomats, skilled at navigating social situations with grace and eloquence. This adaptability often leads to the misconception that they are Gemini, known for their communication skills and social prowess.

Malcom X , Born May 19, 1925 A True Taurus

Duality and Diplomacy: While Gemini is known for its duality, Taurus also exhibits a multi-faceted nature. They can balance different aspects of their lives with ease, demonstrating diplomacy and tact in their interactions. This duality is not a sign of inconsistency but rather a testament to their complex and layered personalities.

John F Kennedy Born May 29, True Taurus

Eloquence and Curiosity: Taurus individuals are curious and intellectually inclined, much like Gemini. However, their curiosity is driven by a desire for deeper understanding and connection rather than a superficial need for information. They seek knowledge that enriches their lives and supports their practical goals.

Socializing and Intellect: True Taurus individuals are social beings who enjoy connecting with others. Their intellect and ability to engage in meaningful conversations make them excellent companions. Unlike Gemini, whose socializing can be more lighthearted and fleeting, Taurus seeks lasting and substantial connections.

True Taurus Grace Jones Born May 19

Stubbornness and Symmetry: Known for their stubbornness, Taurus individuals can be unwavering in their beliefs and goals. This trait, often mistaken for Gemini’s adaptability, is rooted in their desire for stability and security. They value symmetry and balance in their lives, striving for harmony in all they do.

Born June 3 1906, True Taurus, Josephine Baker

Desire to Have a Good Time: Taurus enjoys the pleasures of life, from good food to beautiful surroundings. They seek joy and harmony, often indulging in activities that bring them pleasure and satisfaction. This pursuit of enjoyment is grounded in their love for beauty and comfort, traits that are sometimes attributed to Gemini’s playful nature.

Sluggishness and Patience: Taurus is known for its patience and steady approach to life. They may appear sluggish or slow to some, but this is a reflection of their careful and deliberate nature. They take their time to ensure that their actions are well thought out and aligned with their goals.

Born May 14, George Lucas, True Taurus

The True Taurus Traits Misidentified as Gemini:

Adaptability: While Gemini is flexible and quick to change, Taurus adapts through careful consideration and planning. Their adaptability is grounded in practicality and a desire for long-term stability.

Communication Skills: Taurus’s communication is thoughtful and deliberate, often mistaken for Gemini’s rapid and varied conversational style. Taurus values meaningful dialogue and connection.

Tupac, born June 16, True Taurus

Curiosity: Taurus’s curiosity is deep and introspective, focused on understanding and improving their environment. This contrasts with Gemini’s more scattered and wide-ranging curiosity.

Social Interaction: Taurus enjoys socializing in a way that builds lasting relationships, whereas Gemini’s interactions can be more transient. Taurus seeks depth in their connections.

Ye West, Born June 8, True Taurus

Stubbornness: Often seen as inflexible, Taurus’s stubbornness is a reflection of their determination and commitment to their values. This trait is sometimes confused with Gemini’s versatility and adaptability.

Desire for Pleasure: Taurus’s pursuit of pleasure is rooted in their love for beauty and comfort, often leading to indulgence. This contrasts with Gemini’s more spontaneous and varied approach to enjoyment.

Kdot Born June 17, True Taurus


Understanding the true essence of Taurus in the 13-sign astrology system allows people to recognize their authentic selves. By embracing your true zodiac sign, you can harness the strengths and potentials of Taurus, leading to a more fulfilling and self-aware life.

Ayra Starr Born June 14, True Taurus

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